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R.I.P Handsome Boy
 "Blackstar's Gun Powder and Lead"
Sire: Meadowland's Phantom Shadow 
Dam: Meadowland's 
lady Fiona of Kit-Sue 
8/13/2010 - 2/25/2018
Quigley is a Silver Beige Phantom

Quigley is a beautiful good size boy with classic Phantom Markings.  He has bright and bold contrast that really turns heads.  His temperament is exceptional.  He is alert and curious but never overbearing.  He is outgoing and friendly, very athletic and active.  Quigley weighs in at 65lbs and stands 27" at the shoulder 



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Meadowland's Phantom Shadow



 Kit-Sue's Noah N Stripes

Kit-Sue's Hunter of Stardom
O'Henry's Madison's 5th Avenue
Rocking Y's Ginger Jazz-Ma-Tazz's Cody
Lil's Girl's Frosted Spice


 Meadowland's Lady Fiona Of Kit-Sue

Kit-Sue's Son of A Big Boy Kit-Sue's Royal Addition
Kit-Sue's Phanton Filly Lizzy
Kit-Sue's Lovely Lilly O'Henry's Zorro
Kit-Sue's Hayleigh Girl




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