Standard Poodles





April 30th 2013 puppies 1st Birthday 
Bodhi Lives in Colorado in training for Assistance dog he is 27" and weighs 70 lbs
Annie lives in Ohio with her sister Lilly she is 60 lbs and 26"
Lilly lives in Ohio with her sister Annie she is 57 lbs and 26"
Sara lives in Florida also in training for assistance dog no height & weight info
Kate lives in Deleware she is 50 lbs and 23" & Daddy's little girl
Skylar lives in Indiana going to be in 4-H this picture is
when she was 6 months 49 lbs then no height
Suki lives in Colorado she is 45 lbs and 24"
This is my Sweet Shania she is 60 lbs and 26"
Brystol lives in Montana
 Thanks to all for the great pictures and info glad to see all the pups are doing so well and SPOILED Rotten  lol.  We are expecting another litter the end of May which is the same breeding so tell all they are about to have more brothers and sisters.



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